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Backyard Bug Busters is a family run business that stays small by choice to provide the best quality services possible. We combine our vast industry knowledge with personalized service to provide an exceptional service.

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How It All Started.

Ticks and mosquitoes sure can be an annoyance as they buzz and crawl around our backyard. But they are more than a nuisance - they can also transmit illness. Personally, the one that has wreaked havoc in my home is Lyme disease. As we all know, Lyme disease is carried by the dreaded deer tick and my home was no exception. My daughter was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Both of my dogs were diagnosed with Lyme disease. I was diagnosed with Lyme disease.

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These diagnoses came after implementing many of the recommended precautions, like long sleeves and bug spray, to prevent the bites in the first place! I was angry and I wanted my backyard back. So, I did what most moms do, I started to do some research about mosquito and tick control to reduce my family's and pets' risk of becoming infected.


I joined forces with industry experts. We trialed, tested, and reformulated. We learned so many people were struggling with protecting their families as well. At first, we just protected our own yard. And then our neighbors asked, so we helped them. And then friends asked, so we helped them. And then friends of friends... you get the picture. Out of these grassroots, Backyard Bug Busters was born.

So, for us, it's personal. Our lives were affected by Lyme Disease, so our solutions and business model come from the heart. Today, we continue to specialize in ONLY tick & mosquito control for our customers, although last year our son opened a "sister company" called Naturally Greener Lawns for eco-friendly lawn care solutions. Having a separate division enables us to continue our efforts at providing you the most comprehensive, efficient, and cost-effective tick & mosquito service in NJ. We are locally located in Northern New Jersey, so your backyard is our backyard as well!


Make the most of your yard this season without the annoyance and possible harmful effects of mosquitoes and ticks. Trust Backyard Bug Busters to take back your backyard!

"Make the most of your yard this season without the annoyance and possible harmful effects of mosquitoes and ticks."

30 Years of Experience

Why Choose Backyard Bug Busters

Family Owned & Operated

Backyard Bug Busters, LLC is a family run business that stays small by choice to provide the best quality services possible. We are reliable, honest and responsive; we'll get back to you quickly with any questions/concerns and design a program to protect your home with solutions that will offer you peace of mind. Today, our son operates Naturally Greener Lawns, our organic lawn care division. We offer a truly personalized service, vast knowledge of the area and industry, as well as friendly, reliable response to issues.

Tick & Mosquito Control Specialists

We continue to specialize in ONLY tick & mosquito control for our customers. However, after many requests, we are proud to introduce our new division, Naturally Greener Lawns, which is owned and operated by our son. Having a separate division enables us to continue our efforts at providing you the most comprehensive, efficient and cost-effective tick & mosquito services in NJ, and also have an Organic Lawn Care Service Program available for your yard! Check out the lawn division at:

One Spray Controls BOTH Ticks & Mosquitoes

Our proprietary spray controls both ticks and mosquitoes; there is no need to pay for double treatment options. Plus, our treatment options are environmentally friendly - we have children, dogs and cats too!

To Us, It's Personal

Our lives have been personally affected by Lyme Disease, so our solutions come from the heart. You don't have to share your backyard oasis with ticks and mosquitoes. We are locally owned and operated in Northern New Jersey - Your backyard is our backyard as well!

Here's What Our Clients Say

We are extremely happy with the Backyard Bug Busters company. There are several elements to every service and these guys are delivering on all of them with a highest score. Friendly, honest, caring, professional, true to their word, punctual, and excellent in what they do. They are very passionate about that they do which we value tremendously and obviously it translates in a great service. We were happy to discover a company that cares about not just beauty of your backyard but safety and health of all of those who use it, be it adults, children, or our pets. We congratulate them on their efforts and success and are looking forward to many years of great service.

Helen O. - Florham Park, NJ

Anne and the Backyard Big Busters team are nothing short of exceptional in terms of customer service, promptness, and effectiveness in providing organic and synthetic tick and mosquito control. They offer an individualized approach and take the time to survey each property to suggest the best solution, while taking into account the needs of each family they serve. Beyond organics spraying each month, they partner with me to give me good suggestions on what to do to keep my property as tick-free as possible. After a scare of Lyme's disease with my middle child, I know the importance of protecting where my children play to keep them growing healthy and strong. I no longer fear my children playing in the yard or being exposed to unsafe chemicals. We finally have relief from our woodland mosquitoes as well. The Backyard Bug Busters team is professional, friendly and like family to us as they create an outdoor safe haven for our family to enjoy. Thank you BBB team!

L. Collier - Sparta, NJ

This is the year we're taking back our backyard! Thank you Backyard Bug Busters, after 30 years living here with mosquitoes and ticks we can now use our deck and patio on great evenings like this. Check them out if you're getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.

H. Woods - Andover, NJ

Bug busters has been keeping my yard free of ticks, fleas and mosquitoes for 2 years! Eco friendly, safe for my dog and very effective! Wouldn't go a season without them.

Carol - Lafayette, NJ

I can enjoy my backyard again without being eaten alive by mosquitoesmosquitoes and I don't have to worry about what is being sprayed since it is Organic! The dogs can go outside and play and not come in with lots of ticks too!

MaryBeth F. - Andover, NJ

Living in northern NJ with small children playing outside constantly, protecting them from ticks, Lyme disease, and mosquitoes without using harsh chemicals is a huge priority. We have literally not had to pull one tick off our children or dogs since we have started using BBB, and we live in a heavily wooded area. The customer service is also excellent. Highly recommend!

T. Wilson - Branchville, NJ

Backyard Bug Busters, we could never thank you enough for your amazing organic spray. In complete desperation we clicked to get a quote on your website late into the evening, within minutes Anne texted me setting up a next day estimate. Anne could sense our urgency and arranged their schedule to spray our lawn just two days later. We went from finding 3-5 ticks a day on our dog to now almost 30 days later and we haven't found one. Not only have you helped provide a safe environment for our dog but also children and adults that frequent the yard. We are forever grateful to you and the piece of mind you have help create.

Ashley M. - Sparta, NJ

We started using Backyard Bug Busters a couple of years ago when we began mosquito and tick treatments. One of my children is a target for mosquitoes and since we have been using them she is able to play outside without any issues. We also have a dog who sleeps with our kids and we have had no issues with him or the kids having ticks on them and bringing them into our house. It is a real piece of mind! Mike and Anne are always available and ready to help us and the best part is their product is pet and kid friendly. All organic. You don't get this kind of great old-fashioned service much anymore---we love it. We highly recommend Backyard Bug Busters!

T. Sweeney - Andover, NJ

I don't live in a rural area of Morris County, so I didn't think tick and mosquito control was a service I needed to worry about. I was wrong. In April of this year, my dog contracted anaplasmosis from a tick bite she received while doing spring yard clean up. She almost lost her life after spending a week in an animal ICU and caused her to develop numerous health conditions that will be with for the rest of her life. After realizing just how rampant tick disease is in NJ, I called the folks at Backyard Bug Busters and they helped assist me with a plan that will keep my yard tick and mosquito free from Spring to Fall - keeping my family and pets safe. They are a local, family-owned business and have also been personally affected by tick-borne diseases, so they really do care. Patrick has been performing our applications and he is fantastic! They get around all the corners and crevices in the yard where ticks like to hide. An added bonus is not getting eaten alive by mosquitoes when we step outside! Great service and great results!

C. Grecco - Wharton, NJ

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