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Ticks and mosquitoes sure can be an annoyance as they buzz and crawl around our backyard. But they are more than a nuisance - they can also transmit illness. Personally, the one that has wreaked havoc in my home is Lyme disease. As we all know, Lyme disease is carried by the dreaded deer tick and my home was no exception. My daughter was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Both of my dogs were diagnosed with Lyme disease. I was diagnosed with Lyme disease.

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These diagnoses came after implementing many of the recommended precautions, like long sleeves and bug spray, to prevent the bites in the first place! I was angry and I wanted my backyard back. So, I did what most moms do, I started to do some research about mosquito and tick control to reduce my family's and pets risk of becoming infected.


After much research and many conversations, I learned about products and practices that significantly reduce mosquitoes and ticks. Through trial and error I found things that worked. I consulted with and was educated by industry experts (nothing beats a mom on a mission!). Along the way, I also learned that I wasn't the only person struggling for a solution to pesky bugs, concerns about disease and wanting to use the backyard again.

It's not just our story, it could be your story too...

95% of all Lyme Disease cases come from the Northeastern Region of the US where we live. New Jersey is only behind Pennsylvania in the largest number of reported cases.

"After much research and many conversations, I learned about products and practices that significantly reduce ticks and mosquitoes."

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Family Owned & Operated

Backyard Bug Busters, LLC is a family run business that stays small by choice to provide the best quality services possible. We are reliable, honest and responsive; we'll get back to you quickly with any questions/concerns and design a program to protect your home with solutions that will offer you peace of mind. Today, our son operates Naturally Greener Lawns, our organic lawn care division. We offer a truly personalized service, vast knowledge of the area and industry, as well as friendly, reliable response to issues.

Tick & Mosquito Control Specialists

We continue to specialize in ONLY tick & mosquito control for our customers. However, after many requests, we are proud to introduce our new division, Naturally Greener Lawns, which is owned and operated by our son. Having a separate division enables us to continue our efforts at providing you the most comprehensive, efficient and cost-effective tick & mosquito services in NJ, and also have an Organic Lawn Care Service Program available for your yard! Check out the new division at: www.naturallygreenerlawns.com.

One Spray Controls BOTH Ticks & Mosquitoes

Our proprietary spray controls both ticks and mosquitoes; there is no need to pay for double treatment options. Plus, our treatment options are environmentally friendly - we have children, dogs and cats too!

To Us, It's Personal

Our lives have been personally affected by Lyme Disease, so our solutions come from the heart. You don't have to share your backyard oasis with ticks and mosquitoes. We are locally owned and operated in Northern New Jersey - Your backyard is our backyard as well!

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